We continue our updates from last week on which hairstyles are the hottest for you this spring season. One particular trend mentioned last week was the short hair, which is one of the big trends this spring. But if you’re not up for saying goodbye to your long ringlets, or if you simply need some new inspiration – no matter the length of your hair – we have gathered our ‘spring-spiration’ for how to style your hair this spring.

How to style your hair bun

How to style your hair for spring

The bun, the half-bun, the twisted and the braided bun are all hot this spring!

Most of us love the traditional bun and we return to this hairstyle again and again, because it is easy and never goes out of style. However, these days we see other great tendencies for spiffing up the simple bun to something a bit more playful.

The half-bun

One trend that has really gained its prominence in 2016 is the half-bun, or ‘the hun’. With this hairstyle, you simply use half of your hair to create a bun, while the rest of the hair stay hanging. You can style the bun in several ways either keeping it on top of your head, leave it hanging low, make it tight or loose, big or small – the opportunities are many.

The braided or twisted bun

This is not necessarily a new tendency, but one that is becoming ever more common in the styles that we spot on the street. Girls use braids and twists of all kinds to add detail to their everyday hairstyle, and combined with a bun it is  allowed to really stand out. You can chose to braid the front or the back of your hair finishing it with a messy bun, or you can braid all of your hair and style it as a bun in the end for a different and outstanding look. The braided bun is a great way to gain a romantic or playful look, while keeping it casual.

Tip: the bun is a great hairstyle to cover up greasy hair!

How to style hanging hair

How to style your hair for spring 2016

Hanging hair is still hot in the spring 2016

Spring is the perfect time to show off your hair and leave it hanging after a long and cold winter, so get ready to let your hair lose! The hanging hair style possesses endless opportunities, and we have gathered some of the hot styles for you this spring, if you’re looking for something a little bit different, but simple and casual.

Mid-length hair bends

Use your straightening iron to make bends in the mid-length of your hair. This will break the all straight look on days where you want to do something different in no time.

Long and thick hanging hair

An everlasting beautiful look is long and voluminous hair. Leave it hanging with soft waves or thick curls for a gorgeous spring look. You can choose to eve out the volume in the entire hair for a thick hairdo, or you can go with a more weighted look keeping the waves or curls in the bottom of your hair.

Face-framing hairstyle

If you like to keep your hair straight, go for a style that frames your face in a soft way. This will make both your hair and your face stand out in a natural way.

Symmetry for your hair

If you like a neat look, aim for symmetry in your hair. The middle parting is a fashionable and sharp look, and you can style it in any way you like, no matter the length of your hair: wear it messy, straight or curled depending on the occasion and your feel of the day.

Double layered hair

If you think that the symmetric look becomes a bit too dull or you looking for more volume in your hair, go for the double layered hairstyle. Having more layers in your hair will make it seem thicker. You can also keep most of the hair hanging towards one side of the head giving it a more wild, voluminous and random look.

These were some of the different hairstyles that we just love this spring. No matter the length and colour of your hair, this spring invites you to do something a little bit different and there is something for everybody!