It’s finally summer, and for most of us that means lots of days on the beach lying in the sun and swimming in the ocean. But is your hair really prepared for the hot summer days? If you spend a lot of time in the sun and in the salty water, you risk damaging your hair if you don’t protect it properly. I have gathered a list of 7 summer hair care tips to protect your hair in the heat.


summer hair care tips

7 Summer Hair Care Tips:

Wash Your Hair when it’s Dirty

This might seem obvious to you. But what I mean by this is that you should only wash your hair when it’s dirty and not just like a standardised habit. None of us like greasy-looking hair, but washing your hair too much won’t necessarily help avoid that. Instead, wash your hair when it is dirty from sweat, sand, salty water and hair styling products. In this way, you avoid build-up without washing obsessively.

Wash Your Hair After Swimming

This is one of the more important summer hair care tips! If you like swimming, beware that the salty water from the ocean and the chlorine in swimming pools can be harmful on your hair. The water can make your hair lose its natural moist and might leave your hair dry and stiff. Therefore, you should always wash out the salt and chlorine after swimming. An easy way to avoid the water damages is by putting your hair into a bun before going swimming.

Use UV Protection for Your Hair

Like the above, this third one is one of the crucial summer hair care tips! You probably already know how harmful the sun can be on your skin. But did you know that the same goes for your hair? The sun can also damage your hair and scalp; leave the hair dry and without shine; and leave your scalp red and itchy. Therefore, I recommend that you apply UV protection for your hair when you spend long days in the sun.

Wear a Hat or a Scarf

Another way to avoid damaging your hair and scalp in the sun is to wear a hat or a scarf that covers your head when out in the sun. This is an easy way to avoid the sun, plus it looks cool and trendy, whether you’re going to the beach or going shopping with your girlfriends.

Use Shampoo for Coloured Hair

If you colour your hair, another consequence from not protecting your hair from the sun is that your hair colour might fade – and who wants that? The strong rays of sunshine can damage your hair colour if you don’t prevent this. One way is to use UV protection or hats, like mentioned above. Another thing you can do to make your colour last – and this is not only in the summer time, but a general advice – is to use shampoo suited for coloured hair. This type of shampoo possesses formulas that will make your colour last longer.

Put Your Hair up

This is a general tip that I personally find very useful during the hot summer days. Like beforementioned, it’s a good idea to protect your hair when going swimming, and an easy way to do so is to put your hair up to avoid the water. Another reason why I like wearing my hair up in all kinds of styles in the summer is to avoid sweaty shoulders caused by my long thick hair.

Use Hair Oil and Hair Treatments

My last tip for summer hair care really is applicable all year. However, there are certain times of the year where this is considered more crucial due to the weather conditions. In the summer, the sun dries out your hair and makes it lose its natural moist, which makes it more vulnerable to breakage. Therefore, it is a great idea to use hair oil and hair treatments to ensure your hair keeps its moist and shine and stays strong and healthy. For inspiration about hair treatments, read my post Four Natural DIY Hair Treatments.

No matter the type, length and colour of your hair, I highly recommend that you be cautious and use these summer hair care tips protect your hair from damage caused by the warm summer days.


Michelle, The Hair Log