Do you also love that perfect, wavy, random look your hair gets after a long day on the beach, or dressing up for hot summer nights with your friends and family, or maybe going on adventurous trips in the nature bathed in sunlight and warm breezes? Yea. So do we. However, the heat, sun and salty water can really make its impact on the health of your hair if you don’t consider the side-effects of the nice summer weather. That is why we have gathered a few simple tips on how to take care of your hair in the summer heat.

Hair Washing

Do you wash your hair too much? None of us like to have greasy and dirty-looking hair, and it is impossible to avoid that our hair gets dirty, especially in the dry and hot summer air, we may sweat more, get dust and sand in our hair and use styling products to make our look last through the day. Therefore, it is, naturally, essential that we clean our hair regularly. However, this does not mean that you need to wash your hair in the shower every day, as this can also have negative effects on your hair. Read more about this here.

Hair care

To take care of your hair in the summer heat without washing your hair every day, you can use dry shampoo. This product will remove build-ups and freshen up your hair with no water required. Use dry shampoo a few times a week instead of washing your hair in the shower, and you will probably soon experience your hair becoming less greasy. In this way, you save your hair from unnecessary water.

After washing your hair, you should wait till it is most dry before brushing it. Your hair is most fragile when it is wet, so let it dry and brush or comb it afterwards to avoid breakage of hairs.

Hair Protection

Do you take care of your hair in the sun?

The first factor you should be cautious of during the summer is the sun. Most of us know which affect the sun can have on our skin if we don’t use sun protection, but what about the hair? First of all, the sun dries out your hair, makes it lose its natural moist, which makes it more vulnerable to breakage. Secondly, if you colour your hair, the sun will make the colour fade faster. To protect and take care of your hair in the sun, we recommend you use UV protection for your hair and scalp. Another way to avoid the sun from damaging your hair is to wear a hat or a scarf when you go outside in the midday hours.

Hair care summer


Do you take care of your hair on the beach?

Summer means going to the beach, and probably also going swimming. But the salty water can result in your hair losing its natural moist and can make your hair dry and stiff. Thus in order to avoid this damage, our advice is that you gather your hair in a bun before going into the water, so you don’t get the salty water into your hair too often.

Additionally, to take care of your hair, it is always a good idea to use hair oil and hair treatments to prevent the damages from the sun and salty water.

Hair Styling

Do you struggle with tangled and frizzy hair?

If you have curly hair or just have a tendency to get frizzy hair in the humidity of the summer, here are a few tips on how to overcome or live with the frizz during the summer season.

After washing your hair – especially if you use conditioner – rinse your hair with cold water. The cold water helps seal the cuticle and this makes it harder for moisture to enter the follicle, which is causing frizz. If you blow dry your hair, make sure you point the airflow down on the hair, this will also help avoid frizzes.

Another option, which we highly appreciate, is to simply embrace your curly and frizzy hair. One of the new tendencies is to embrace the ‘real nature’ of your hair, so you don’t necessarily have to try and ‘fix’ your hair from frizz, but use it as a way to style it instead.

Hair care summer

Do you also love beach hair?

Most of us love that random and voluminous look in our hair after a day on the beach. However, if you want to avoid the salty water from damaging your hair, how then can you get this look? There is a way! Salt water spray for your hair is the perfect way to gain the beach hair look without drying out your hair. Now this may sound like contradicting advice, but it is not. Because salt water spray actually doesn’t contain any salt water, but has just received its name from the effect it has on your hair. So you can easily apply this product for styling with a good conscience and avoid the negative effects from actual salt water.