We all know that menopause is an expected part of womanhood, a period in our life we just have to accept. However, when your hair starts turning grey and you might experience hair loss it can be difficult to live – and make peace – with. Almost 50 % of all women are faced with hair loss during menopause.

Researchers have discovered that the major cause of hair loss is due to an imbalance of hormones in your body. Other factors that could contribute to menopausal hair loss include high levels of stress, illness or genetic predisposition. However, there are several things in your lifestyle that you can adjust in order to improve the quality of your hair during menopause.


Start by taking a deep breath! It is extremely important that you keep your stress level at a minimum in order to stabilize your hormonal balance. Though, it is very normal to experience mood swings and stress, and you can reduce these by taking up yoga or mindfulness.


Keep piling those plates high! A balanced diet low in saturated fat is your best defense against health conditions, including hair loss. Remember to incorporate mono-saturated oils, fruit, vegetables and whole grain in your diet. You should also focus on getting all the necessary vitamins such as B6 and folic acids.

Keep Moving

Exercise is the key to a healthy lifestyle, also in menopause. An active lifestyle will keep your stress and mood swings in check, help you keep weight and finally, help you get your beauty sleep.


It is old news that the body needs to be hydrated in order to function properly. Load up on normal water all day long and pass on sugary drinks such as soda and juices.

Keep It Natural

If you feel it is necessary to cover up the greys to feel beautiful, remember to choose the natural alternative. NATURIGIN hair colours are low on harsh chemicals and are therefore less toxic for your hair.