How much of the condition of our hair in terms of health, strength and look can we really blame on factors such as the weather and our general lifestyle? And how much can we actually affect this? We constantly here myths and advice about healthy hair and hair care, but which are true and which should just be ignored? We have set out to sort out ten of these myths about hair and provide the answers for you right here. Believe it or not, we actually became a bit surprised when discovering some of these things!

1) Can sleeping with wet hair cause fungus in my scalp?

Yes, there is a risk. If you sleep with wet hair or wear a hat when your hair is still wet, the hair can’t get rid of the moist. And this causes a potential risk for fungus and suet to build up in your hair.

We would always recommend that you dry your hair before sleeping or wearing a hat, as this is simply better for the hair.

2) Can conditioner repair split ends?

No, this is not the case. In spite of what many people seem to believe, a conditioner actually doesn’t get into the hair and repair it – it actually simply becomes a layer on the hair. This means that you might damage and wear out your hair a bit less due to this layer, but the conditioner cannot repair split ends. The only real function is that it makes the hair soft and easy to comb after showers.

3) Can wearing a hat often cause hair loss?

We don’t know this for sure, but it is not considered healthy for the hair to constantly be cooped up under a hat or a cap. The scalp has to be able to breathe, and if not, it may consequently lead to thinner hair.

4) Can head massage strengthen my hair?

Yes, this is true. Massage stimulates the bloodstream, thus when you massage the scalp, this tightens those muscles that hold on to the hair. This is also the case if you end your showers with running cold water down your head and hair. Head massage and stimulation of the bloodstream can strengthen your hair and can actually prevent hair loss. So start massaging!

5) Can smoking cause grey hair?

No, there is no proof supporting this myth. Whether you get grey hair or not is most likely dependent on your genes. Though smoking does not directly affect the look of your hair, we all know how it can have a negative influence on your health in other ways, so this should not encourage you to continue smoking!

6) Can I get healthier hair through my diet?

Yes, you can to some extent. There are certain vitamins and minerals that are necessary for your hair to be strong, healthy and naturally shiny and voluminous. You can read more about How to Eat Your Way to Healthier Hair right here. Being on a particularly strict diet or lacking these vitamins will most likely show on your hair and skin.

7) Can stress cause hair loss?

Yes. If there was one of these myths that suggested a clear and consistent answer, it was that hair loss can definitely be stress related. Generally, there is a clear connection between your health and your skin and hair’s health and stress.

8) Can frequent haircuts make my hair grow faster?

Well, actually the answer here is no. The hair grows in the same speed all the time. However, frequent haircuts can make you avoid split ends that break of and cause healthier and thicker hair. Consequently, in this way your hair will become longer and longer in a healthier and maybe bit faster way.

9) Does the weather affect the condition of my hair?

It can in a way. For example, too much sun and heat can damage and dry out the hair if you don’t protect it. Other than that, the weather does not directly affect the health of your hair, but it is likely to affect the look. For example, dry air can make your hair more electric, and high humidity can cause frizz. But these are things that you can prevent from taking certain precautions, which you can read about here in the blog.

10) Can I comb my hair too often?

Well, actually yes. Your hair does not become healthier or stronger from combing it several times a day. On the contrary, you risk breaking the hairs if you comb or brush the hair too much. Naturally, you should comb your hair when necessary. But the main advantage of doing it more times a day is that the comb or brush will spread the natural oils from your scalp to your roots making the hair look shiny.