Monday the 22 of February 2016 was not just a regular day at the office for NATURIGIN. This Monday, Natalie and Michelle from the headquarters in Denmark went to London to visit the event The Bloggers Hangout at London Fashion Week. This was a whole new experience for NATURIGIN, but a great one!

After a long travel to London, we were so excited to be at the event where two hundred bloggers gathered to meet new and innovative brands. During the day, we presented NATURIGIN to so many kind and passionate bloggers and we are overwhelmed by the way people accepted us and our brand.

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Bloggers Hangout

We have recently launched eight of our 19 organic hair colours in the British pharmacy company, Lloyds Pharmacy, which is why a visit to London was a great opportunity for us to meet new possible consumers looking for a natural hair brand. We are so happy to have been in London ourselves to show what NATURIGIN is and we can’t wait to really start our work on the British market.

Being back at the office in Aarhus, we agree that The Bloggers Hangout was a cool event and we are ready for more adventures with NATURIGIN and all the great people out there supporting us!

And the fantastic tweets are already started coming, wauw: