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Sun-kissed hair may look good, but the constant sun exposure and all the bathing is rough for your hair. Every hair is different, different colours and structures, but one thing is sure, whether your hair Is coloured or not, the sun is not a friend when it comes to hair. Therefore, we listed some tips and tricks, to keep your hair healthy during the summer. So unless you are planning on staying indoors all season, read how you protect your hair against the damaging UV rays, salty water and pool chemicals.

  1. Get a trim

So before you are planning trips that involves sun exposure, get your hair trimmed. A haircut will remove any dry, split ends, and allow you to go around all summer with rocking your long locks. Long hair Is beautiful, but dry and brittle hair is not a good look or optimal hair health, so a fresh haircut now, and then one more when the summer ends and your hair is damaged by the salt water and the sun.

2.   Water and conditioner

If you want to minimize the damage swimming pools cause, simply wet your hair before going for a dip. If your hair is already wet, the hair is less likely to absorb the chemicals from the water from the pool. Also try to add a handful of conditioner, for extra hydration. A good intensive conditioner will provide further protection from the drying effects of the sun and the sea.

3.  Don’t over-wash.

While we are at it, don’t over-wash! Your hair gets greasier during the summer, because your sweating more, but washing your hair to often will only make things worse. Minimize your shampoo use so much as possible, try to wash your hair every three days. Try to use a dry shampoo instead.

4.   Hair-masks

Hair-masks are the best! It allows you to increase the hair health and what’s better than a home spa day with your friends? A weekly conditioning mask will replace a lot of the lost moisture from the daily visits to the beach. Find some hair mask recipes and have fun

5.  Don’t use heating tools

As always, heating tools is a no go, if you want healthy hair, but especially during the summer. Avoid blow dryers or other high temperature tools during the summer, and let your hair dry naturally. The more heat, the less natural moisture.

6.   Cover your hair

Last but not least, cover up your hair. It’s not only a great way to protect your hair from the sun, but also one of the chicest summer styles. Here is some examples of how you cover up your hair and still look amazing in the summer:

Cover up your hair
Cover up your hair
Cover up your hair
Cover up your hair

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I wish you all a good hair day