Hi! Welcome back to The Hair Log. We hope that you all had a wonderful summer and that you are more than ready to get back to work (or school). We enjoyed the sun, the beach and had good experiences with friends and family, we are now ready to return to reality! 

When returning after a long and well-deserved holiday many people are most likely to stress in order to catch-up on all the things they think they should do on the first day. Doing so is neither ideal for your mental health nor effective at all. At NATURIGIN we want to give you some tips for a more effective, gentle and good start-up whether you start at work or go back to school.

  • Organizing and structuring are the keywords

First of all, it is important to create structure and a good overview of whatever you need to do in the first place.

Make a list, organize what you need to do the first day, and what can be done later on during the week. Doing so, you get a clear view of the tasks and thereby hopefully find it more manageable.

  • You can’t do everything at once

You are only human, Rome wasn’t built in a day, remember that!

  • Treat yourself with a self-care night

Getting work done is of course important, but for you to do your very best at work, you need to take good care of yourself! We at NATURIGIN encourage you to treat yourself once or twice a week with a self-care evening at home. Make a hair-mask, write down goals for the future, do yoga or read that book you always wanted to read. 

When you ‘de-stress’ at home, you are more able to do a good piece of work at your job the following day. That is what we call work/life balance! So, remember to take a break and connect with ‘yourself’. In this way, you will stay calm and make yourself feel better.

If you need inspiration you can read our blog post concerning how to make organic and natural hair masks: https://www.naturigin.com/diy-hair-masks/

  • Create healthy habits

Now you have the opportunity to start with good habits! Remember to drink a lot of water to keep you hydrated, eat a lot of greens.

What you eat affects your energy level throughout the day. Also remember to activate your body, go for a walk, workout or ride your bike – getting fresh air also helps you to get more surplus in your everyday life. 

We wish you all a good day and gently start-up at work or school!


Photo: Unsplash