Festival season is upon us. For many people this season means listening to your favourite artist playing live, hanging out with your best friends and in general having the time of your life. Nethertheless it is still important to be sustainable, lucky for you festival and sustainability goes perfectly hand-in-hand. This blog post will give you some great tips and tricks for how to be eco-friendly while you are having fun in the sun, as well as getting ready for festival in a more natural way.

Tip #1: Reuse your plastic cup on festivals

Surely you have heard about how much plastic is breaking down in the ocean and is destroying animal life? The easiest way to avoid it from happening is to be extremely aware of how much plastic you are using.

If you are at a festival where the only way to get drinks or mocktails is to buy them in plastic cups, then think twice and reuse the cups over and over again. A little thought means a lot in the long run, remember that….

Tip #2: Bring your own water bottle (stay hydrated)

It is important to stay hydrated when you attend a festival. At many festivals it is only possible to buy drinks, cocktails and water in plastic bottles. In order to take good care of the environment, we recommend you to bring your own water bottle.

Doing so you take good care of the planet while you take good care of yourself. It is a win win…

Tip #3: Use Nature to create festive hairstyles

Having a hard time figuring out how to get festive for the next festival? Why don’t you use the nature and all its colours to dress up? Go to your local forest or flower field and collect just enough flowers to make your own flower-crown. Use the NATURIGIN ‘All Day Hairspray’ to make sure the flowers stay in place throughout the entire festival. What is better than organic and natural beauty?

Tip #4: Shop vintage

If you want to dress up for the festive occasion, remember to think twice before buying new clothings. Did you know that to produce just one cotton shirt requires approximately 3000 litres of water? A really good argument to reuse clothes and shop vintage! Another argument is that when you shop vintage products you thereby avoid the possibility to show up with the same outfit as someone else.

Tip #5: Clean up after yourself

After all, the important thing is definitely to remember to clean up after yourself if you don’t want to be causing any unnecessary stress to the environment. Make sure to pick up all your rubbish and throw it in the bin so that it can be recycled.

Tip #6: Use bicycles or public transport

When attending to a festival make sure to take some sustainably decisions when choosing how to get there. Grab your bike if the festival is near you. Or take the local bus with your friends to reduce CO2 emissions.

Curious for more festival tips? Read our blog post on how to style hair for festivals: https://www.naturigin.com/style-hair-festivals/

Hope you found this blog post helpful, we at NATURIGIN wish you all a wonderful summer and a fun festival season.


Photo: Unsplash, NATURIGIN