In order to achieve the best colouring result, there are a few things we recommend you consider:

Going lighter is more damaging than going darker

Remember that even though you colour your hair with a natural-based product, like NATURIGIN, it can still be tough on your hair. However, going darker is less damaging for your hair than going lighter. A little note to keep in mind.

Natural non-coloured hair is actually the best for colouring

“Virgin” hair is in fact the best hair to colour. “Virgin” hair is natural and has therefore never been coloured before – so the healthier your hair is from the start, the better your colouring result will be.

DON’T wash your hair ahead

It might be tempting to wash your hair before going in action with dyeing. BUT DON’T. Your colouring will be a lot easier, if you just take your hair “as it is”. In fact, you risk a burning scalp if your colour your hair right after using shampoo. Ouch!

DON’T condition right after colouring

It is actually best to wait a few days after a hair dye before using conditioner, because it can cause your colour to fade. However, if you have bleached your hair, feel free to use as much conditioner as you wish to! Depending on your hair type and dryness, applying conditioner once a week is a good rule.  

Colour-protective products are important

Special shampoos, conditioners and hair treatment for coloured hair are in fact very important – both for protecting your hair, but also for keeping your colour for as long as possible. For instance, many salon-products contain UV-protectors which can help  prevent the colour from fading.  

After learning these 5 tips before colouring your hair, you should be well prepared to try it out for yourself 🙂