The beautifully pregnant Danish blogger Nanna Elmquist used our 10.0 Platinum Blonde to keep her hair blonde during her pregnancy. Here is what she said about it:

After I got pregnant, I’ve been trying to reduce my use of products containing perfume and parabens, because there is a chance it would hurt my baby. Therefore, I’ve been struggling with the issue whether I should keep dying my hair blonde, and how to it without hurting my baby.

Then I came across NATURIGINS home hair dyes on their Instagram, and had to use it. NATURIGINs hair colours are 100% organic and free of parabens, so it is the perfect solution for pregnant women, who can’t live without colouring their hair during pregnancy.

I’ve never used a home hair dye, without my hair getting worn after colouring, but it’s not the case with NATURIGINS haircolour. Besides that, I got the result that I wished for, so I can’t be more satisfied.

After my hair dye, I’ve used their shampoo and conditioner, and after a week my hair is so nice and soft.

- Nanna Elmquist

Go to Nanna’s blog, to see her nice results