In the middle of all your December shopping and planning chaos, take a minute to check out our Christmas competitions. Throughout December we give you the chance to win natural hair dye and products for someone you care about, or simply as a little Christmas treat for yourself.

December is a busy time and most of us really just want to please our loved ones with the presents they want the most. And there’s little time to stop up and think about what it really is we’re giving away. At NATURIGIN, we’ve decided to use December to strike a blow for natural products. Christmas is full of all sorts of unhealthy and non-environmental friendly things, such as greasy food, bundles of electric Christmas lights, and all the chemicals you’re exposed to every time you dress up for a Christmas party. But you can do something to avoid some of these things. You can go natural.

To help you take the first step (or maybe the second?), this December we’re having various give-aways on our social media, where you can win free NATURIGIN products. On our Facebook page, you have the chance to win a natural hair dye of your own choice every Sunday in December. That means in total four natural hair dies from NATURIGIN! And it doesn’t stop there! Throughout December we also have a give-away on our Instagram profile, where you can win a Christmas package of one year’s use of natural hair dye from NATURIGIN  .

We want to give you the chance to try the benefits of natural products. Happy December to all of you!