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Best at home hair colour

September 15th, 2016|0 Comments

When you colour you own hair at home, there are some things you need to be aware of! This news post will guide you through what to look for and why, in order for you

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NATURIGIN Award Winning Products in US, 2015

March 10th, 2016|2 Comments

The Blue Ribbon Natural Product Awards has recognised NATURIGIN as the winner of the best Natural Beauty Product 2014-2015 in the US market. What is The Natural Product Awards? The Blue Ribbon Natural

Choosing your hair colour shade

March 7th, 2016|0 Comments

Choosing your hair colour shade can be difficult, we know. And with 19 different shades it can be confusing to know which shade you can go for. NATURIGIN has therefore created a smaller video for

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What our customers are saying about our hair colours:

Wahooooo my NATURIGIN dye experiment was a total success! My hair was left super soft and shiny and I am in love with the color!
Amanda Jo, Organic Bunny
The color is perfect, exactly like the box. Will purchase again! ♥
Liana Mikah
Normally I am allergic to hair dye which has forced me to choose a healthier option. I chose NATURIGIN and was very surprised that I did not have any reactions on my skin or scalp, the color did not have a harsh smell and the result of my hair was amazing. Thank you!!
Cecilie Thorsted Frese
I started using NATURIGIN a few months ago, primarily due to its “Cruelty FREE” label. However, (I must confess) without having greater expectations regarding to the color’s effect on my hair. But I was just so positively suprised about the result that I only uses your hair color now!
Luca RaLuca
I discovered Naturigin yesterday – had been thinking about buying it for a while in my local chemist, so I took the chance yesterday and loved it. It actually does smell nice, unlike most hair dyes that say they do, but give off a headache inducing odour. And I didn’t have to scrub the splatters off the walls of the shower, it just rinsed off leaving no stain at all. The colour is the best auburn red I’ve ever had (I used 7.55). I might just go to my chemist and buy all the 7.55s they have, in case they run out!
Melissa Shiels
This’s the best product for my hair that I’ve ever had in my hand!
Milena Smolicka
Love it! I used NATURIGIN 4.6 copper brown and it turned out perfect, exactly the colour I wanted. The dye smells nice, kind of flowery and not too strong. It was gentle on my scalp unlike others I’ve tried that left my scalp itchy and stinging. I’ll only be using naturigin from now on 🙂
Grace O'Donnell

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With Certified Organic Ingredients, NATURIGIN offers you the market’s most natural hair colours.

Organic Hair Colour

Our Guarantee

Our Guarantee is that NATURIGIN works towards creating safer cosmetics through the implementation of the finest and purest organic ingredients that comply with our demands for high performance. Safer for you, and safer for the environment!

Organic Hair Colour

Our Goal

Our goal is to uphold our global position as the leading supplier of Natural Organic Based Hair Colours and to stay on the forefront of new developments within Natural Organic based cosmetics.

Organic Hair Colour

Our Pledge

Our pledge is to ensure that the product includes as many mild organic and natural ingredients as possible, without compromising the performance or functionality. Read more about ECOCERT here.

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